A stateless person is someone who has no nationality. Statelessness is a legal anomaly that affects over half a million people in Europe - both recent migrants and those who have lived in the same place for generations – denying many their fundamental rights.

The Statelessness Index assesses how countries in Europe protect stateless people and what they are doing to prevent and reduce statelessness.



Latest News

Bulgaria urged to stop locking up stateless people by detained heart doctor

A news report by Thomson Reuters highlights the absence of procedural safeguards and the lack of a requirement to identify a country of removal...
19 Feb 2019 / Bulgaria
source: Guttorm Flatabø_https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Moldova shows good practice on statelessness determination with improvement needed in other areas

Moldova demonstrates examples of good practice regarding international and regional instruments and statelessness determination, but still requires...
4 Feb 2019 / Moldova

Germany delivers some positive practices on statelessness but areas for reform still remain

A new briefing available in German and English highlights clear areas for action and reform in law, policy and practice to prevent and reduce...
30 Jan 2019 / Germany

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