Who produces the Index

The Statelessness Index was designed and is actively maintained by the European Network on Statelessness (ENS). ENS is a civil society alliance of over 140 non-governmental organisations, academics, and individual experts in over 40 countries, committed to addressing statelessness in Europe. Everyone has the right to a nationality. We believe that those who lack nationality altogether – stateless people – are entitled to full protection of their human rights.


The data and research behind the Index relies on the extensive knowledge and expertise of the ENS membership. ENS members involved in the Index as country experts include researchers, lawyers, NGOs and other civil society actors. The lead country experts are listed on each country page.

Second country experts include lawyers, academics and in some cases representatives from UNHCR offices with relevant country-level expertise. However, the final information presented in this Index is by ENS alone and should not be construed to formally represent the position of UNHCR or other external contributors. 

We are extremely grateful to our network of partners, ENS volunteers and consultants for their energy and commitment in contributing to the Index. We would especially like to thank our country partners (listed on individual country pages), and the project reference group, volunteers and other experts, who helped us to develop the methodology and pilot the index: Max McClellan, Inge Sturkenboom, Ivanka Kostic, Gábor Gyulai, Laura van Waas, Amal de Chickera, Katja Swider, Hilkka Becker, Catherine Cosgrove, Tsedön Khangsar and Zvjezdana Mileta. 


The Index has been developed with financial support from Oak Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The information presented in the Index should not be construed as reflecting the views of funders or other external contributors.

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