2018 saw some improvement in Malta, but significant concerns about law, policy and practice on the protection of stateless people and prevention of...
26 Mar 2019 / Malta

Statelessness Index reveals poland can do more to identify and protect stateless people

A new Poland Country briefing reveals that stateless people in Poland face a heightened risk of arbitrary detention, as well as the need for improved...
28 Feb 2019 / Poland

New briefing highlights improvements needed in Malta to address and prevent statelessness

Data from the Statelessness Index, summarised in a new country briefing, demonstrates how Maltese law, policy and practice performs against...
27 Feb 2019 / Malta

Bulgaria urged to stop locking up stateless people by detained heart doctor

A news report by Thomson Reuters highlights the absence of procedural safeguards and the lack of a requirement to identify a country of removal...
19 Feb 2019 / Bulgaria
source: Guttorm Flatabø_

Moldova shows good practice on statelessness determination with improvement needed in other areas

Moldova demonstrates examples of good practice regarding international and regional instruments and statelessness determination, but still requires...
4 Feb 2019 / Moldova

Germany delivers some positive practices on statelessness but areas for reform still remain

A new briefing available in German and English highlights clear areas for action and reform in law, policy and practice to prevent and reduce...
30 Jan 2019 / Germany

Data shows remaining gaps in addressing statelessness in France despite detailed Statelessness Determination Procedure

The European Network on Statelessness and Forum réfugiés-Cosi have published a new briefing in French and English, highlighting positive existing...
28 Jan 2019 / France

New Serbia briefing shows gaps in policy and practice on birth registration and childhood statelessness

Findings from the Statelessness Index show some of the existing gaps in Serbian law and practice related to late birth registration, stateless...
22 Jan 2019 / Serbia

StatelessnessINDEX highlights priority areas for reform in the Netherlands

The European Network on Statelessness and ASKV Refugee Support have developed a Netherlands country briefing in both English and Dutch based on the #...
2 Jan 2019 / Netherlands

Ukraine country briefing highlights ways to improve statelessness law, policy and practice

A new country briefing available in both English and Ukrainian, summarises the Statelessness Index's findings on how Ukrainian law, policy and...
11 Dec 2018 / Ukraine

New #StatelessnessINDEX country briefing with recommendations to Swiss Government

To promote the key findings of the Switzerland #StatelessnessIndex profile, and provide a resource for national advocacy on statelessness in...
10 Dec 2018 / Switzerland


The UK Court of Appeals has ruled that the standard of proof for determining statelessness is the balance of probabilities.
13 Nov 2018 / United Kingdom

Watch how the StatelessnessINDEX helps us hold countries in Europe to account

Watch ENS Director Chris Nash explain how the StatelessnessINDEX helps us hold countries in Europe to account.
17 Oct 2018 / Council of Europe
Launch of the Statelessness INDEX in the Palais at the Council of Europe

LUNCHTIME RECEPTION: Addressing statelessness in Europe - Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Join the European Network on Statelessness on 10 October for a lunchtime presentation of its Statelessness INDEX at the Council of Europe in...
5 Sep 2018 / Council of Europe

Serbia adopts new Law on foreigners

The new Law introduces some provisions that could improve the situation of undocumented and stateless people in the country.
4 May 2018 / Serbia

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