Addressing the risks of statelessness among children in migration in Europe

Year of publication: Oct 2022
Country: Albania, Bulgaria, Council of Europe, Czechia, European Union, Spain, Ukraine
Theme: Prevention and reduction
Publication type: Publications
Author/s: ENS

This report presents the findings of action research by ENS members in five European countries on the risks of statelessness facing children and young people in migration in Europe.

The voices and views of stateless children, young people, and their families - and those working with them to resolve their cases - are rarely heard. The accounts of stateless children and young people, those at risk of statelessness and their parents, and the documents they hold, are key to understanding how statelessness is produced and negotiated in the migratory context.

With the support of Comic Relief, under its #StatelessJourneys initiative, ENS has worked with five of its members in five European countries (Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Ukraine) to document and reflect on their legal casework with children and families in migration affected by (risks of) statelessness between October 2020 and April 2022. This report presents a synthesis of the findings and learning from this project.

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