Joint Submission to Dutch Government consultation on new proposal to determine “evident” statelessness

Year of publication: Apr 2022
Country: Netherlands
Theme: Statelessness determination and status
Publication type: Publications
Author/s: ENS, ASKV, ISI & others

Together with other civil society organisation and individual ENS members in the Netherlands, we have made a joint submission to a consultation on a proposed procedure which would allow administrative bodies to determine “evident” statelessness. The consultation is part of wider ongoing debates around the legislative proposals to introduce a statelessness determination procedure (SDP) in the Netherlands and to amend provisions on children’s acquisition of Dutch nationality.

The submission was signed by ASKV Refugee Support, the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI), Dra. Michelle Van Burik ad Dr. Katja Swider and the European Network on Statelessness (ENS) and focussed on ensuring:

  • the definition of a stateless person used in the legislative proposal is in line with the 1954 Convention
  • that the administrative route to determine “evident” statelessness does not become unduly restricted once the SDP is introduced
  • that sufficient safeguards exist in the new procedure
  • As it was part of a consultation from the Dutch Government, this submission is in Dutch.

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